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Gacha Life is a Lunime game created by Luni. It was released on October 23rd, 2018 for Android and Samsung, October 30th, 2018 for IOS, and soon after, PC. You can dress up your own characters, make scenes in Studio Mode, earn Gems in Games, using gems to buy Gifts in Gacha, interact with NPCs in Life Mode, and more! You level up as you progress, and get new features in Gacha Life as a reward!

Gacha Club is a Lunime game created by Luni. It is a sequel of Gacha Life. It is not released on any platforms yet. Several features have been confirmed on Gacha Club such as battling monsters, gachaing for characters and pets.

This wiki is a work in progress, anyone is welcome to make contributions to the community!

January 24, 2020: Gacha Life is updated on PC, in addition to removing inappropriate content, this update also added NPCs which were previously unavailable. NOTE: You need to install the newest version of Gacha Life in order to see the changes.

January 22, 2020: Gacha Life is updated on Android, this update added the sleeping poses back. NOTE: You need to update Gacha Life in order to see the changes.

January 21, 2020: Gacha Life is updated on Android, this update replaced certain poses eyes, clothing, restricted certain colors on peach skins and censored words on Studio Mode

January 3, 2020: Luni has made a post stating that an update on Gacha Life would be coming soon, to remove inappropriate content in the game


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Welcome to the Gacha Life Wiki! We are a collaborative encyclopedia about Gacha Life. Since Gacha Life Wiki is created, we have 144 articles, 1,073 images, and 34 active users and we have been edited for 24,211 times. Please note that none of the bureaucrats are staff members in the game Gacha Life, therefore this wiki is unofficial.

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