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As we would like Gacha Life Wiki to be a safe and pleasant place for everyone, all users must follow the rules. If you break the rules, you will be punished depending on the severity of the violation.


  • All registered users must be 13 years old or older to comply with COPPA. If a registered user is found to be underaged (12 or below), they will be blocked until they reach 13.
  • Usernames which include profanity, hate towards users, and inappropriate content are not allowed. Users will be blocked until they change their usernames.
  • Be respectful to all users. Hateful behaviors upset other users and makes the community negative. Disrespectful behavior includes:
    • Any forms of bullying
    • Harassment
    • Threatening other users
    • Discrimination based on gender, race, sexuality, disability, etc.
  • Do not reveal your personal information such as your address and password. Please tell an admin if you post such information so we can remove it.
  • Sockpuppeting is not allowed. Sockpuppeting means using more than one account at the same time wile a user is blocked. If users are found using sockpuppets, the sockpuppet will be blocked indefinitely, and the block length of the user will be longer.

Contents & Comments

  • Do not vandalize. Removing useful content from pages and adding inappropriate content to pages are considered vandalism. Users will be punished heavily if broken this rule and the vandalism will be reverted.
  • Do not spam. Spam means posting large amounts of text, files, or links repeatedly which makes browsing the wiki inconvenient.
  • Try to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation while editing.
  • Do not use profanity or racial slurs.
  • Do not insert fanon content, such as fanfiction, into pages. They are allowed in discussions, blogs, userpages, and chat.
  • Do not post inappropriate content. Any images, audio, video, or text with pornography, profanity, or otherwise inappropriate content will be deleted. Swearing like lmao, heck, damn, hell, are okay if you don't use excessively or offensively towards anyone
  • Do not advertise.
  • Do not engage in edit wars. In an edit wars, two or more users undo one another's edits repeatedly. If someone is undoing your edit, please discuss with the user peacefully or report the situation to an admin.
  • Do not necropost, necroposting is when a person or group of people reply to a dead thread that is resolved. You can reply to threads that are younger than a month old.