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Lado is an NPC in Gacha Life who is located in Hometown A. She is a variation of Cat Girl, except she has two tails, one from the lower part of her hair and one from her back. Lado later appears as both a preset found on the Preset page of Gacha Life and Gacha Club and a playable battle unit in Gacha Club, and is one of the first characters the player receives as part of the story. The player meets Lado in the beginning of Story Mode in Gacha Club, and she likes to try to annoy Lemo as revealed in her Gacha Club profile and in Story Mode.


Lado has dark blue hair fading into a light purple, with the front styled into a fringe, and twin low ponytails, which are curled at the end. Her eyes are a light teal and framed by thick eyelashes, and she has big cat ears. She wears a yellow choker, a light purple, slightly cropped t-shirt with short sleeves, white gloves, bright yellow shorts with white rimming, and multi-coloured shoes with white socks rimmed with red. She has two tails; one reaching towards her hair, one towards the opposite direction. They have white on the ends.

Quiz Answers

Q: What do I love to eat? A: Sushi

Q: What do I like to do on my walks? A: Wander

Q: What will happen if you grab my tails? A: Can't move

Q: What do I love to cause? A: Mischief

Q: What kind of food I hate? A: Spicy

Q: What did I get on Christmas? A: Toy Car

Q: What do I like to play with? A: Yarn Ball

Q: What am I NOT afraid of? A: Bats

Q: What helps me see in the dark? A: Whiskers

Q: How many different plushies I have? A: 22


Dialogs of NPC



  • She was created by Ramunade, a NPC and a character artist in many Gacha games that we know of.
  • She likes to annoy Lemo, as found in Gacha Club and Story Mode.
  • She enjoys causing mischief!
  • She is friends with Senpaibuns, an NPC and a preset in Gacha Life, Gacha Club and other Gacha games.
  • Lado in Gacha Club has a different appearance than the Gacha Life version of her.