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Luni is a NPC character that can be found in Hometown, which is also the starting area when you first enter Life Mode. He is the creator of Lunime and many other popular Gacha games. You also can find his preset in your character tab when you first install Gacha Life and Gacha Club.


Luni has black-grey fluffy hair that fades into blue and has a small ahoge. He is wearing a visor which is bright blue, and he is wearing black fingerless gloves with blue rimming, a matching blue jacket with short sleeves, the zip open and pockets, grey pants and blue shoes. Under that is a simple black shirt. His eyes are blue and he wears black glasses.

Quiz answers

Q: You know my favorite color....right? A: Blue

Q: Who are my boyfriends? A: Ramunade & Pat

Q: My favorite animal is obviously... A: Ducks

Q: What's the big game I made for Lunime? A: Anime Gacha!

Q: What do you have to do in my minigame? A: Dodge Ducks

Q: What kind of collection do I have? A: Anime Figures

Q: When is my birthday? A: April 23rd

Q: What do I use to draw my art with? A: Mouse

Q: Quack? A: QUACK!


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