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M u u is a hidden/secret character in Gacha Life located in the Red Striped Room. She was added on December 17, 2018 in the update. She was scheduled to appear in Gacha League in a later update before the project was cancelled. Instead she appears as both a preset and a playable battle unit in Gacha Club. To find and talk to her, pass M o in the orange striped room, then use the code 2544351154443122135 to reach M u u.


M u u has short red hair that fades into black the hair is covering her left eye, it is put into two small twin ponytails. She has light blue eyes and her eyes are big. She is floating


Q: ........destro!!!!!!!!!! (@w^) A: I didn't see anything

Q: ....N o H u r t (@w^) A: NGOCMOKAT

Q: ...... HaNa?..... A: Flower

Q: ....Remember M u u spawn?.... A: 4/44

Q: .....Where is Muu house?....take me.... A: Graveyard

Q: they call me...... A: Youkai

Q: Arrow....hitted...A: Eye

Q: .......*drool* (WqO) A: MACHA / KINAKO / MOCHI ICE

Q: Spider lily...... A: The other Side flower

Q: ......what watch?..... A: Flying souls


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