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Magical Luni is an NPC found in the Bamboo Temple of Life Mode. He is only available when the player level is 100 or more. Once reached, a portal will be available which teleports to Magical Luni. The portal is found by going to Bamboo village and going right twice and entering the temple.


Magical Luni has blue hair fading into lighter blue. He wears a blue visor and a duck barrette in his hair. He wears shorts, socks with ducks at the top, a long blue jacket with white lace on the bottom, a purple bowtie, a white shirt and black fingerless gloves.


1. Q: What kind of animal can I summon?! A: Duck!

2. Q: Who is my magical sister?! A: Duck~

3. Q: What's my goal as a magical boy?! A: Duck^

4. Q: Omg! Do you know what I love? A: Dûck

5. Q: This one is easy! What's my favorite color?? A: Dùck

6. Q: What element am I? A: Dûck

7. Q: What kind of food do I love?! A: Duck owu

8. Q: When is my birthday?? A: Duck;

9. Q: What kind of magical power do I have? A: Flying!

10. Q: What's the name of my special attack?! A: /Duck/


Dialogs of Magical Luni

  • How did you get here?! (upon starting conversation #1)
  • Magical Girl... Boy, Luni here! (upon starting conversation #2)
  • Want to learn magic? (upon starting conversation #3)
  • I have a cute duck hairpin! (Talk #1)
  • I'm ready to take down evil creatures! (Talk #2)
  • This is my secret world! (Talk #3)
  • What's the plan? (Talk #4)
  • You found me! (Talk #5)
  • I can summon a magical duck to ride around! (Ask #1)
  • Senpaibuns is my magical sister! (Ask #2)
  • I'm hope to defeat all the evil monsters in the world!~ (Ask #3)
  • I just love cute things! (Ask #4)
  • My favorite color is blue!! (Ask #5)
  • I'm a water unit!! (Ask #6)
  • I just love anything sweet! (Ask #7)
  • My birthday is April 23rd! (Ask #8)
  • I can fly! (Ask #9)
  • My special attack is called 'Kawaii Duckie Blast!' (Ask #10)
  • I don't need anything~ eep! (Gift #1)
  • Is this for me? (Gift #2)
  • What did you get me? (Gift #3)
  • Kawaii! It's cute! (Getting a normal gift #1)
  • Oh! I like this a lot! (Getting a normal gift #2)
  • Thank you so much! (Getting a normal gift #3)
  • AMAZING! IT'S SO CUTE! (Getting favorite gift or 6-Star gift #1)
  • YES! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! (Getting favorite gift or 6-Star gift #2)
  • WOW! THANK YOU SO MUCH! (Getting favorite gift or 6-Star gift #3)
  • My test is easy! I know you can do it! (Starting quiz)
  • Quack! (Quiz/Correct #1)
  • (Quiz/Correct #2)
  • (Quiz/Correct #3)
  • ...........CONGRADUCKLATIONS YOU BEAT THE GAME! (Completing quiz)
  • Aww! That's too bad! Try again, hehe~ (Failing quiz)