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Having a conversation with the NPC at M u u Friendship Level 10

Non-playable characters, (known as NPCs for short), they are characters that appear in certain areas of Life Mode. Unlike your character, they stand still in one spot. If you tap on one of them, you will enter a conversation with them. On page 11, there are 2 spots that are empty, meaning there are no more NPCs to be found at the time. There are 3 portals that each contain an NPC. However, you are required to be Level 100 or more to access these portals. There are also 2 NPCs where you must enter a code by walking to certain spots. After doing so, you will be able to enter a room where you will be able to chat to these NPCs.

NPCS are also characters that are non-playable which means you cannot play as that character. NPCs are Bots (Also known as Robots Bots are used for a shortcut) and they are controlled by the system and its the coding that contains it. Some NPCs require you to be level 100. However, other NPCs such as M o and M u u require a code. The codes are listed below!


Talk is the option that is available to every player, normally the only option if the player never talked to the NPC and/or the Friendship Level isn’t level 2 and over. It requires 2 Stamina to do so. Talking increases your friendship points by 4-9, NPCs are found over the map in multiple places. Your friendship upgrades your stars on the NPC making them friendly or nicer.

The option doesn’t have any requirements to unlock it, and it is a free option.


Ask is the option that is unlocked when the Friendship Level with the NPC is 2 or above. It requires 3 Stamina to do so. Asking increases your friendship points by 6-15. It’s not a good idea to rush through the NPC’s dialogue because they are useful for the Quiz option, unless you can remember the answers to the NPC’s Quiz or you can’t find any clues for the quiz option.

Here’s the link to the page for this option: Ask!


Gift is the option that is unlocked when the Friendship Level with the NPC is 3 or above. It requires 5 Stamina to do so. Gifting a 1 Star gift increases your friendship points by 10, Gifting a 2 Star gift increases your friendship points by 20, and so on. However, gifting a 6 Star gift increases your friendship points by 500, and the favored gift type dialogue will appear instead of the normal gift dialogue. Gifts are different for each NPC So do not think that you only need one item.

The link for the gift page is here: Gifts/Favorites!

Favorite Gift

Each NPC has their own Favorite Gift. Giving them their favorite gift doubles the friendship point obtained and a special dialogue will appear instead. However, 6 Star gifts are a exception, as they will always fill an NPC’s friendship bar by 500. Each NPC has their own preferred gifts that they like.


Quiz is the option that is unlocked when the Friendship Level with the NPC is 5 or above. It requires 50 Stamina to do so. There are 10 questions. The answers for the questions can be seen with the Ask option. For each question you answer correctly, your friendship points increases by 10. If you finish the quiz, you get 500 friendship points. You have 3 chances. If you lose all 3 chances, the quiz will end!

Here’s the link to the official page for the quiz: Quiz!

List of NPCs

Image Name Unlock Conditions Location
Luni.png Luni None Town (Hometown)
Senpaibuns.png Senpaibuns None Town (Hometown)
Lado.png Lado None Town (Hometown)
Pat.png Pat None Town (Hometown)
Lemo.png Lemo None Town (Hometown)
Yuni.png Yuni None Town (Hometown)
Fierin.png Fierin None City (Gacha City)
Bex.png Bex None City (Gacha City)
Picc.png Picc None City (Gacha City)
Pawket.png Pawket None City (Gacha City)
1chi.png 1chi None School (Classroom)
Mizumi.png Mizumi None City (Beach)
Yukina.png Yukina None Snow (Snowlands)
Alisa.png Alisa None Spooky (Spookyville)
FlashyKlau.png FlashyKlau None Roof (School Roof)
Squidi.png Squidi None Station (Train Station)
Leafu.png Leafu None City (West of City)
Ngoc.png Ngoc None School (School Courtyard)
Moe.png Moe None School (School Courtyard)
Kat.png Kat None School (School Courtyard)
Satsuna.png Satsuna None City (Gacha City)
Wei.png Wei None Bamboo (Bamboo Entrance)
Midori.png Midori None School (School Courtyard)
Lusa.png Lusa Reach level 100 Roof (Lusa's World)
Nikki Nii.png Nikki Nii None Roof (School Roof)
Kinen.png Kinen None Snow (Snowlands)
Mumble.png Mumble None City (Beach)
Carma.png Carma None School (School F2 West)
FuuKuma.png FuuKuma None School (School F1 East)
Rambo.png Rambo Nyan Kitty None Station (Train Dimension)
NurseLuck.png Nurse Luck None School (School F1 East)
ProfGacha.png Prof. Gacha None School (School Courtyard)
Sakura.png Sakura None School (School 2nd Floor)
Takeshi.png Takeshi None School (School F2 West)
Chloe.png Chloe None School (School F1 West)
Gabriella.png Gabriella None School (School F1 West)
JanitorBob.png Janitor Bob None School (School F1 West)
Misty.png Misty None School (School F1 East)
MrPrincipal.png Mr. Principal None School (School F1 East)
Troy.png Troy None School (Gym)
Frosty.png Frosty None Snow (Snowlands)
Rudolph.png Rudolph None Snow (Snowlands)
Santa.png Santa None Snow (Snowlands)
Sugarplum.png Sugarplum None Snow (Snowlands)
Winter.png Winter None Snow (Snowlands)
Alexa.png Alexa None Park (Park)
Ezra.png Ezra None Park (Park)
Hannah.png Hannah None Park (Park)
Kai.png Kai None Park (Park)
Pixie.png Pixie None Park (Park)
Caleb.png Caleb None City (Gacha City)
Charlotte.png Charlotte None City (West of City)
Damian.png Damian None Desert (Desert)
Emma.png Emma None City (Gacha City)
Enzo.png Enzo None Spooky (Spookyville)
Chrono.png Chrono None City (Beach)
Crystal.png Crystal None Snow (Snowlands)
Selena.png Selena None School (School Courtyard)
Daisy.png Daisy None City (Back Alley)
Rin.png Rin None City (Back Alley)
Sparky.png Sparky None City (Back Alley)
Jae.png Jae None City (Back Alley)
Thorn.png Thorn None Spooky (Spookyville)
Xenos.png Xenos None Station (Train Dimension)
Feng.png Feng None Bamboo (Bamboo Village)
Qing.png Qing None Bamboo (Bamboo Village)
LilyBamboo.png Lily (Bamboo) None Bamboo (Bamboo Walkway)
Spring.png Spring None Bamboo (Bamboo Walkway)
Sweetgum.png Sweetgum None School (School F3 East)
Autumn.png Autumn None Spooky (Spookyville)
Candie.png Candie None Spooky (Spookyville)
Casper.png Casper None Spooky (Spookyville)
Patches.png Patches None Spooky (Spookyville)
Sabrina.png Sabrina None Spooky (Spookyville)
Felicity.png Felicity None School (School F2 East)
Luca.png Luca None School (School F2 East)
Morgana.png Morgana None Spooky (Spookyville)
Serenity.png Serenity None City (West of City)
Shadow.png Shadow None Spooky (Spookyville)
Brody.png Brody None City (Beach)
Coral.png Coral None City (Beach)
Otto.png Otto None City (Beach)
Sandy.png Sandy None City (Beach)
Summer.png Summer None City (Beach)
Jade.png Jade None Bamboo (Bamboo Rooftop)
Po.png Po None Bamboo (Bamboo Village)
Ali.png Ali None Desert (Desert)
Horus.png Horus None Desert (Desert)
Kleopatra.png Kleopatra None Desert (Desert)
Lotus.png Lotus None Desert (Desert)
Tarik.png Tarik None Desert (Desert)
Nemu.png Nemu None Spooky (Spookyville)
Phantom.png Phantom None Spooky (Spookyville)
Mo.png m o Go to the haunted house,
use the code '341552234'
Spooky (? ¿ ? ¿ m o ? ¿ ? ¿)
BijuuMike.png Bijuu Mike None School (Classroom)
Joel.png Joel None Roof (School Roof)
CC.png C.C. None Spooky (Spookyville)
Himesama.png Hime-sama None School (Classroom)
Rockstarchan.png Rockstar-chan None School (Classroom)
MagicalLuni.png Magical Luni Reach level 100 Bamboo (Bamboo Temple→Mahou Shoujo)
Radd.png Radd None School (Drama Club)
SenpaiArtz.png Senpai Artz None School (Library)
LilySchool.png Lily (School) None School (School Courtyard)
Muu.png m u u After finding m o, continue with the
code '2544351154443122135'
Spooky (? ¿ ? ¿ m u u ? ¿ ? ¿)
SuperBrian25.png SuperBrian25 Reach level 100 School (Track→Boba Boy Brian)
Spongey.png Spongey None Roof (School Roof)
Inxanity.png Inxanity None Station (Train Station)
Ramunade.png Ramunade Android/PC version only: Go right
after finding haunted house, use
code '315244315'
Spooky (Ramunade is boy)
108 NPCs