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Senpaibuns is an NPC found in Hometown of Life mode. In one of the Games - Narwhal Sky - she is the playable character. She also reappears in Gacha Club as a preset and has multiple battle units.


Senpaibuns has long orange hair that fades into yellow, clipped back on one side by two clips and tied into low twin-tails by galaxy-like bows. She also has pointy triangle shaped cat ears with clouds inside of them. A white sleeping mask with a small pink bow and other add-ons sits on her head. Her eyes are cotton pink and blue with a large white pupil. Her fluffy tail is the same two colours as her hair. She is wearing a white pleated skirt with a thin pink stripe, her long sleeve jumper is pink, has a white collar and a big galaxy-like bow, and she wears long socks which has two little bows that match the shoes on her jumper. As far as we can tell, she has no shoes.

Quiz answers

Q: Am I a cat girl or a fox girl? A: Cat

Q: What is my favorite color? A: Pink

Q: What is my favorite animal? A: Narwhal

Q: What are my magical girl powers? A: Sleep Powers

Q: What are the fluff in my ears? A: Clouds

Q: What am I afraid of? A: Swimming

Q: What is my favorite food? A: Sushi

Q: What do I love collecting? A: Stuffed Animals

Q: What is my hobby? A: Drawing

Q: Who are my best friends? A: Radd and Lado


Dialogues of Senpaibuns

  • Hello! (upon starting conversation #1)
  • Hi! It's nice to see you! (upon starting conversation #2)
  • Hi there! (upon starting conversation #3)
  • I am a magical girl! (Talk #1)
  • I love to sleep! (Talk #2)
  • My name is Senpaibuns! (Talk #3)
  • Nya~ (Talk #4)
  • Zzzz (Talk #5)
  • Did you know I'm a cat girl? I sometimes get mistaken for a fox girl. (Ask #1)
  • I really love the color pink you know? (Ask #2)
  • I love narwhals! Aren't they cute? (Ask #3)
  • I'm a magical girl with sleep powers! (Ask #4)
  • The fluff in my ears are clouds! Isn't that awesome? (Ask #5)
  • Swimming is scary isn't it? (Ask #6)
  • Sushi is delicious! (Ask #7)
  • I really love collecting stuffed animals! (Ask #8)
  • Isn't drawing fun? (Ask #9)
  • Lado is such an amazing friend! (iOS)/ Lado and Radd are my amazing friends! (Android and PC) (Ask #10)
  • Ooo what did you get me? (Gift #1)
  • Thank you! You're the best! (Gift #2)
  • What's this? I love surprises! (Gift #3)
  • Thank you! (Getting a normal gift #1)
  • Thanks for the gift! (Getting a normal gift #2)
  • Thanks so much! (Getting a normal gift #3)
  • Aww you didn't have to! Thank you! (Getting favorite gift or 6-Star gift #1)
  • That was really sweet of you! Thanks so much! (Getting favorite gift or 6-Star gift #2)
  • Woah! Thank you so much! I can't thank you enough! (Getting favorite gift or 6-Star gift #3)
  • Prepare yourself for my special quiz!! (Starting quiz)
  • Correct! You're doing great! (Quiz/Correct #1)
  • That's right! Good job! (Quiz/Correct #2)
  • Yay you got it! (Quiz/Correct #3)
  • You got them all correct! Fantastic job! (Completing quiz)
  • Oh no! Try again! (Failing quiz)