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Yukina is an NPC who is located in the Snowlands in the Life Mode feature. She can be found by going to Snowlands and going right once.

She is also a playable battle unit featured in Gacha Club.


Yukina has long white fading into red with the front styled into a fringe, a part of her hair tied back, and the end of her hair tied together with a dark blue bow. Her eyes are red with pale red pupils, and her skin is fair. She wears a dark blue top with long dark blue sleeves rimmed with light blue, a ruffled dark blue skirt with a white belt and white ruffles, dark blue stockings, and light blue boots with small white bows. She has long pale pink bunny ears with small blue and purple balls of fur.


  1. Q: What is my favorite type of sweets to eat? A: Lollipop
  2. Q: Favorite vegetable? A: Carrot
  3. Q: What is my dream job? A: Idol
  4. Q: If I could travel anywhere in the world where would it be? A: France
  5. Q: What is my eye color? A: Red
  6. Q: What are the puffs in my ears? A: Galaxy clouds
  7. Q: What is my favorite season? A: Winter
  8. Q: What does Yuki in my name mean in Japanese? A: Snow
  9. Q: What makes me happy? A: Socializing

10 jpop

Dialogs of NPC

  • Hello!!!! My name is Yukina! (upon starting conversation #1)
  • Hiya there! (upon starting conversation #2)
  • Nice to meet you! Pyon! (upon starting conversation #3)
  • Hehehe! (Talk #1)
  • I love cold weather! (Talk #2)
  • Lalala~ (Talk #3)
  • Om nom where are my carrots? (Talk #4)
  • Pyon! (Talk #5)
  • I love lollipops! (Ask #1)
  • Aren't carrots yummy? (Ask #2)
  • (Ask #3)
  • France looks so pretty! I WANNA GO! (Ask #4)
  • Hehe do you like my eyes? They're a nice red! (Ask #5)
  • I love my sparkly galaxy ear puffs! (Ask #6)
  • Ahhh I really love winter! (Ask #7)
  • Did you know Yuki means snow in japanese? (Ask #8)
  • I really love sociializing with friends! (Ask #9)
  • Jpop music is the best! (Ask #10)
  • For me? Ahhh thanks! (Gift #1)
  • I'm so happy! Thank you! (Gift #2)
  • OMG whats this? Thanks! (Gift #3)
  • Thanks so much! Pyon! (Getting a normal gift #1)
  • Woooo! Thanks for the gift! (Getting a normal gift #2)
  • Yay! Thank you!! (Getting a normal gift #3)
  • Kyaaa! Thanks so much! (Getting favorite gift or 6-Star gift #1)
  • Oooo How did you know I wanted this? Thanks! (Getting favorite gift or 6-Star gift #2)
  • Pyon! Thaank youuuu! (Getting favorite gift or 6-Star gift #3)
  • Pyon! Quiz time! (Starting quiz)
  • Aye correct! (Quiz/Correct #1)
  • Weeee! (Quiz/Correct #2)
  • Wowie you're good at this! (Quiz/Correct #3)
  • Yay! you finished my quiz! (Completing quiz)
  • Awww darn (Failing quiz)